Into the forest I go...

The early morning fog during hikes in the Gorge is just amazing - these shots were taken on Hamilton Mountain trail. »

Foggy Dog Mountain

With kitesurfing season already in full force - my hiking/photographing time is now in decline. So when I saw that the forecast for last weekend was looking pretty weak (wind- wise) I decided it will be a good time »

Vista House and The Gorge

A sightseeing road trip with some friends last weekend ended up at Vista House around sunset. I've been there many times as part of other day trips but it was always start of the trip - never an end so »

Hamilton Mountain

Last weekend I joined a group of friends on a hike to the Hamilton Mountain on Washington side of the Columbia River. First serious hike of the year with more to come (hopefully - unless the kitesurfing season starts sooner »


This is my third winter in Portland and definitely the most rainy one. Apparently we're getting more rain than usual and even hitting some records. Anyway I ventured east in the Columbia Gorge to chase some sun and ended up »