Dry Creek Falls

Looking for a hike last weekend on oregonhikers.org I decided on a 4.4 mile out and back to Dry Creek Falls in the Cascade Locks. The hike was very easy with a low incline and was a perfect »

First signs of fall on Wahclella Falls trail

While the summer is still trying to hold back and I'm trying to cling to its warmth, it seems that fall is definitely approaching. The nature feels that as well and last weekend I've ventured back to Wahclella Falls trail »

Rowena Crest viewpoint

One of the first places I wanted to show my parents is the Gorge which has been my "playground" this summer with almost every weekend spent kitesurfing. And I think one of the most spectacular views of the »

Starvation Creek Trail

Few shots from my last weekend hike to Starvation Creek - my weekend mornings were rather slow recently due to some fun evening events in Portland, so by the time I've made it to the trailhead the sun was less »

Elowah and Latourell in the spring

Last weekend I met some new friends who recently moved to the Portland area and wanted to show them the grandure of Gorge nature. I took them to the Vista House and showed them later few short hikes to Latourell »