We the People of the United States... (or a few pictures from Washington)

Wow it's been a while since I posted! My bad too much things in life and not enough motivation to go out and take pictures. Or rather stronger motivation to do other things (mostly kiteboarding). However I did spend a »

Frosty evening at the Portland waterfront

Another snow day in Portland means another day of working from home. Today I finished all my tasks just in time to sneak out for a short walk on the east waterfront of Portland. I was a little too late »

Portland snowpocalypse 2017: Ladds Addition

Last couple of days Portland have seen the biggest snowfall in almost 40 years, definitely the biggest one since I moved here (although it felt pretty normal by Polish standards - we had many winters where we would get 3+ »

Rainy weekend in Seattle

I've used the holiday weekend to visit Seattle with my wife as we wanted to explore Seattle Art Museum and a couple of other sites in the rainy city. Weather was perfect for strolling around museums as it was drizzling »

Sunrise over Portland

So I decided to get up early on the last day of holiday weekend and head out with my friend Diego (http://superzuri.com) to Pittock Mansion to try and capture some nice sunrise shots and maybe do a time-lapse. »