About me and this website

Hi, I'm really glad you've made it here.
BehindTheViewfinder.com is a place I'll be using to post my recent photographs from my travels large and small. Since I currently live in Portland, OR the pictures will mostly cover the beatiful Pacific NW with its amazing forests, coast and the Columbia River Gorge. Thanks to the weather conditions with lots of rain from autumn to spring and amazingly sunny summers Oregon offers magnificent nature landscapes with lush colors which make for quite nice captures (well most of the time ;)).

Originally I'm from Poznan (Poland) and every now and then I like to visit my family and friends who are scattered around Europe so you might find some photos from the other side of the pond.

You can find me on Instagram where I post the most (and I usually follow back).
I also have accounts on on 500px and Flickr but I don't always post all images there.

My following posts will be focused on the pictures I'd like to share so I don't plan to write much more text, however I'll try to include some small details about the photos I publish. Feel free to leave comments and critique.